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The idea is to support Australian creativity, explore our vast landscapes, sponsor our beautiful environment, tell our stories and promote native talent. We do not guarantee any of us is going to become rich and famous, but to collaborate and help one another.

eBooks West

The core framework is our online publishing house, established in 2012 and operating successfully during a period of real transition in global publishing, because the technology and business model are cutting edge rock solid.

Once we arrive at an understanding on your manuscript, we sign a memorandum for 50% of your returns giving us 12 months to recoup, then after that help you sell on your own behalf.

Download our Memorandum of Agreement to Publish.

Atelier a Priori Film Group

Filming requires a crew and money, so we have a separate agreement to pool our skills and resources on a project by project basis, which outlines our rights and what we agree to do together to make the film happen.

Download our Memorandum of Agreement to Collaborate

Also download and complete our Crew Member Profile

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