Certificate Program: Storytelling to Screen

Getting film footage in the can is not theatre. This 10-week certificate program focuses and stimulates the participant’s creative talents in transferring stories to script and screen.

Participants attend each workshop within their own skill set, in poetry, fiction, documentary or screen writing; action, animation, camera, lighting, music and sound, sight, touch and smell.

The program also considers formats, opportunities and promotions, as well as copyright and equity within the collaborative production space.


Students are able to:

  1. Understand the roles played by culture, emotion, inhibition and the body; natural talent, reflexive bias, personal limitation, experience and creative imagination in the storytelling process;

    Understand the ‘hook’, performance, the process of engaging an audience; burrow into the ‘character’, find the moment of truth – be spontaneous, experiment and practice, develop, this is not just ‘art’ it is personal growth;

    Express ideas, information and argument coherently and logically in imagining and telling, writing and performing stories;

    Use props, engage voices, characters and themes, beat and rhythm, sights, sounds and even smells within the cinematic frame – it’s not all random response, reaction, noise in your head;

    Write compelling and well-developed poetry, fiction, documentary scripts or screenplays and perform them for camera;

    Set up scenes and shots, understand story-boarding and film scheduling, getting the stuff in the can; editing and post-production;

    Understand trust and collaboration; work constructively together and respond to one another in the creative space;

    Work effectively and efficiently as part of a collaborative production team;

    Enhance research skills in locating and assessing material for creative inspiration; and

    Demonstrate skills in both textual and performative analysis and in critical thinking.


This certificate program is assessed by:

  1. Attendance and workshop participation (20%).

    An outline of work which the participant/s intend to submit as a folio (30%); and

    A folio of collaborative creative work (50%).