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The Safe House

A loose sequel to Outbound and prequel to A Somewhat Different Life, playing with radically incorrect storylines. Alex the media scion from Melbourne and his desert blood-brother Peter bump into autistic hippy genius Nicolas with his two wives and a … Continue reading

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The Hunt for Barney

A short dream-fantasy about a kid on a skate board who dares to bet against Anubis The Jackal, God of the Dead, and if he loses he will be embalmed. He has a secret weapon strapped to his wrist, a … Continue reading

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In this ‘so what happens next?’ sequel to Sit Down Time, the tale of gifted young musician Alan Cameron’s coming-of-age continues into adolescence. What he wants to do on leaving school is go back into the hotel business, but failing … Continue reading

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Time Walker

A taboo story of hauntingly brutal awakening for a Noongar boy with a scheming avaricious white mother determined to hold onto the land she inherited, mistaken in the belief that she can do so by marrying a local Aboriginal man. … Continue reading

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Virgins of the Lake

A poignant yet gently satirical Iranian political protest, Virgins of the Lake situates somewhere in a dark place between parody and obituary. Based loosely on Persian myth, the plot weaves around Sohrab and his sister Nahid. The idea is that … Continue reading

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Holly and the Genie

When Holly discovers an old glass bottle she is horrified to find a real live genie living inside it. But not the usual genie of old. This genie advises caution with wishes and Holly decides to do her own research … Continue reading

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The Celtic Circle

On a windswept coast, not far from Lindisfarne, a small Celtic community have found security. Did the gods lead them there? A dying grandmother struggles to recite their tale, which is then seen through the eyes of younger characters. In … Continue reading

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The Mal’lam Voyagers

A grand saga to rival Michener, of an ancient sea-faring people who explored and settled the vast reaches of the Pacific Ocean before the Polynesians existed as a culture. Fleeing aggressive and avaricious invaders in the second millennium B.C., in … Continue reading

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A Somewhat Different Life

In this stunning sequel to Educating Nicolas, Tom Fisher does it again; probing in his inimical, semi-autobiographical way beneath social appearances to explore underlying realities in the lives of Australian boys. The highly erotic yet at once heart-moving career of … Continue reading

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Educating Nicolas

Another true story, it still happens, of an Australian small town boy suffering the double disadvantage of being too talented, too handsome and far too intelligent. He is abused, bullied and neglected, diagnosed as autistic, until Wally, a funny, eccentric … Continue reading

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