The Safe House

A loose sequel to Outbound and prequel to A Somewhat Different Life, playing with radically incorrect storylines.

Alex the media scion from Melbourne and his desert blood-brother Peter bump into autistic hippy genius Nicolas with his two wives and a husband – the Asperger’s kid far too bright and handsome for his own good – but something else is not right.

Wanting to make their own film together this erratic, oddly disparate assembly of characters become entangled in a drug turf war back in Nic’s home town of Barkhan Crossing.

Exposing the violently parochial hypocrisy here in the West, things are rarely what they seem. They need to make a few adjustments.

Tom Fisher
BISAC: Outback Fiction / Coming of Age

New Paperback
128 pages, 6″ x 9″
ISBN 978-0-9872987-3-7
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ISBN 978-0-9872530-6-4
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