Virgins of the Lake

A poignant yet gently satirical Iranian political protest, Virgins of the Lake situates somewhere in a dark place between parody and obituary.

Based loosely on Persian myth, the plot weaves around Sohrab and his sister Nahid. The idea is that Zoroaster’s seed was preserved in a lake and at the advent of the millennium will impregnate a 15 year-old virgin while she bathes, and a saviour conceived who will make the world right.

Interwoven with deteriorating daily life as the Party rallies the town to work at pointlessly tunnelling through the mountain, the narrative explores with a subtle poetic the absurdly corrosive effects of tyranny and oppression.

Even those who flee are granted no chance at escape; their inevitable doom is mapped from the moment they decide to leave town, while the political effort to recruit journalists, artists and poets to the vain political cause continues unabashed.

Milad Jahangirfar
BISAC: Fiction / Political

New Paperback
200 pages, 6″ x 9″
ISBN 978-0-9923704-0-4
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5.6 MB
ISBN 978-0-9923704-1-1
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