Sit Down Time

Based on a true story, it actually happened, about a precocious only child and gifted musician growing up in a big city hotel managed by his hard-working middle class parents, who relocate at short notice out onto the edge of the vast Central Desert where nothing is as he expects.

Twelve years old on the cusp of puberty he meets the girl of his dreams and her vigilante, protective brother and family, but in the midst of violent conflict with corrupt police over the outback hotel license his war-damaged father suicides.

The shock of transition throws him off-balance. Who do they think they are? What is to become of him? A traditional coming-of-age story; a story of grief and loss, deep caring, healing and recovery.

Gil Hardwick
BISAC: Outback Fiction / Coming of Age
General, Young Adult

New Paperback
166 pages, 6″ x 9″

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