Good to see you browsing our nice clean writer’s site. No annoying pop-ups, and no advertising aside from our own eclectic book list.

We are Australian storytellers, writers, editors and proofreaders immersed in media and film, with decades of hands-on experience in farming, landscape ethnography, environmental anthropology, land management, documentary film-making, writing and publishing.

We are traditional bush people, country people, practical and down-to-earth. We are professionals, Honours graduates in Social Sciences, Creative Writing, Arts and Letters; with an explorer’s fresh mind, delight in language, a lifetime knocking around Australia’s vastness, and an eye for a good story.

We don’t own corporate business and employ people, we just get our own work out there. Having a lot of fun mostly, getting into strife occasionally, but with a global business opportunity publishing our stories and yarns now that ebooks, online shopping, YouTube, Vimeo, PayPal and print-on-demand are here to stay.

We also have plenty of camera gear. Short stories we can film ourselves, and a good novella is easily rendered as film treatment to submit for financing. Past that point you need skin in the game. Earning income depends on promotion and sales, and you need to be part of it.

Our business model is rock solid through tough times. It simply works. If you have a manuscript or film treatment, or could do with a bit of coaching, send us your stuff and let’s have a look at it.

While you’re here, have a good browse through our famously incorrect book list.


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