Welcome, good to see you browsing our nice clean writer’s site. No pop-ups, and no advertising aside from our own little book list.

We are creative and professional writers, Honours graduates not newspaper journalists; having a lot of fun mostly, but with a business opportunity getting our stories out to you now that online shopping, PayPal and print-on-demand are here to stay.

Good reading has been too expensive for far too long. Conventional publishers still need to make a profit on the necessary $1,000s they spend on print runs, warehousing and distribution; leaving you with royalties generally around 8-10%.

Once we professionally edit and proofread your story we convert it directly into ePUB and PDF, and if you still love real books like we do we upload the book-formatted file to print-on-demand.

No money up front, selling at typically less than half the usual retail, and we divvy up the back end.

It simply works. If you have a manuscript or film treatment, send it in and let’s have a look at it.

While you’re here, have a good browse through our eclectic, famously incorrect book list.